Tale Of Immortals

Tale Of Immortals

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Game Features

Customize Your Character

Spell Trees

There are 10 spell trees in Tale Of Immortals. You can't select your trees easily. Really hard to decide.

Change Your Class

Chnge your class easily and equip your new armors. You will like this feature too much.

9 Unique Item Sets

Select your items set and equip. There are 9 unique item sets and 5 grade of them.

Upgrade, Enchant and Socket Gems

Upgrade, enchant your equipments and socket gems into them. Everyone has a different build in Tale Of Immortals.

Destroy Unnecasary Equipments

There are too many unnecassary items at farming. Destroy unnecasary equipments and get material for better equipments.

Battle souls

Select your battle soul. There is 10 battle souls, this mean 10 elements at fights.


Reputation means everything. Do you want your reputation to everyone? Select your titles!

Get Ready For Epic Battles

Player vs Player

There is 5 battle area for PvP. 10-24 Level battle area, 25-40 Level battle area and 3 unique place for national wars. Fight for your nation!


Show your power in player and guild arenas. Join the arenas and wait your enemy!

Guild vs Guild

Defeat your enemy guild and be KING of your nation. Administrate your country with your state officials.

Village and City Battles

Conquest new villages and city. There are 4 village and 1 city for own.

Player vs Environment

Kill monsters and epic bosses. Get your equipments faster.


Get strengthened and join the ranking. Everyone will talk about you!



Gather your required materials. Collect mines, trees fruits etc.


Craft your equipments. Do you want better weapons or armors?

Trade, Merchant or Auction

Sell your equipment in merchants or auction. Don't dupe anything.

Real Money Auction

Sell your equipment with dollars and get your dollars to your bank account.

Local Trade Towns

Sell your goods in trade towns. There are special villages for trade.


Discover new areas and get your reward. You could find valuable goods.

Treasure Hunt

Hunt treasures and get epic items, upgrade stones, craft materials etc...

Mount System

Ride your animal and beasts for fast travel. Travelling is too important in Tale Of Immortals.

Dangerous Environment

Bosses in random locations

When you travel in world, could see dangeous world bosses. Kill them and get your better items.


Kill monsters and get/craft your equipments. Be careful, maybe they kill you.


Be careful in the Tale of Immortals. You may fall into a trap in dungeons. Be CAREFUL!

Dungeon and Boss Ranking

Clear dungeon fastest, kill boss first and join the ranking. Get your rewards everyweks.

About The Game

Tale Of Immortals is a MORPG developed with Unreal Engine 4 technologhy.


Unique Subclasses




Epic Bosses


Hours Battle


Fight Zone


Hours Trading

Tale Of Immortals

Wait for great battles...

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